New River Rendezvous

Justin and Leo are hard at work over @ the studio printing the shirts and bags for this year’s New River Rendezvous. They’re definitely looking good and the party will be here before you know it! Justin and I are heading up the Monday before the party, which is his birthday, and staying through the week. Leo is heading up later in the week. Sounds like it is going to be a great time for sure! Make sure to get registered before it fills up. And remember…No waste!

Step Up Or Stay Home

See you in the woods.


the gallery

Pinches problem

Burnwood, NRG

the gallery

(photo by Sara Beth Casey)


Home Sweet Home @ McAfee’s Knob

Cookout on Monday

Monday we’re having a lunch cookout @ the Friksn studio to welcome the warm weather before the weekly crush session commences that afternoon. Not sure exactly what time we’re starting the food yet, but I’ll post it as soon as we figure it out.


838A 40th St.
Norfolk, VA

See you there.

the struggle

Life, like climbing, is a continuous struggle. I went through some of the darkest times of my life in 2008. The biggest defeat of the whole ordeal was the loss of my climbing life and the relationships that were built upon that lifestyle.
In January 2008, I was physically and mentally in a place that I had never been before. I sent a lot of my projects that winter and it felt really, really good. I could feel myself and my climbing moving in a direction that I would have never thought possible. Then, suddenly, I made a costly mistake and the consequences of that decision have had lasting effects on me. I paid the price for my actions, in more ways than one.
Last week, however, I got my license back and my probation ended. The whole time I assumed that when that time came, my life would magically center itself again; things would return to normal and I would again be the person I was before I made that mistake. So far, it hasn’t.
But I do know that everything happens for a reason. Our pasts are intended to both cloud and shape our futures at the same time. During that time, I left climbing, but climbing didn’t leave me. It remained a part of my life in the memories I have, the friendships established, and the many pictures that hang in my small apartment. For almost 6 years now, climbing has been the light that has illuminated my path through life, and I owe it to climbing to try as hard as I can to find that lifestyle again. I’m well on my way, but it is a continuous struggle. The work is hard, the rest is little, and the sacrifices are many. Through it all, one thing I learned is that true happiness comes from the pursuit of our goals, not just the attainment.

Someone once told me to Ride the waves, knowing that you’ll have to swim through some; sail through others. (thanks brook.)

See you soon.


Coming Soon.

Here’s a list of things to expect in the next few weeks:

Hangboard pics/details
-new McAfee’s pics and vids
-an interview with Friksn athlete Nic Spruill

the hangboards

I’ve been telling a lot of you about my new hangboard designs over the past few weeks, so I called up Dad and he’s says that we’re ready to put some into production. I’ll be making a couple trips home over the next month to work with him on refining the production process and trying out the new boards.

By the end of May, we should have about 14 hangboards ready to get rid of:
-6 of the 14″ x 36″ style
-8 of the 12″ x 32″ style

I talked to Chris T last night and he said that he would put a few in the VBRG for sale, other than that contact me on here.

Hit me up if want to see one, try it out, buy one, or talk about a custom design.

But like I said, it’ll be a couple more weeks, so be patient. They will be worth the wait.