…summer time, the living’s easy…

The unexpected Friday afternoon session at Friksn put a hurtin’ on me. I’m getting so anxious thinking about all the upcoming trips. There’s definitely change in the air: it’s getting hot outside, the spring semester is quickly wrapping up, i have my license back, the list goes on. I sometimes wonder how I’ve made it as long as I have here on the coast. There is absolutely nothing I would rather be doing this afternoon than bouldering, as I sit here staring at the bricks, mortar, concrete, and water that make up the sweet city of Norfolk, with no boulders in sight. At the same time, it reminds me that my time here at ODU is going to soon be drawing to a close. I’ll be graduating either this fall or next spring. Where am I headed after ODU? That’s a good question, possibly grad. school, Boone, NRG, Chatty; I have to get back closer to the scene. There’s also the very real possibility that I will end up back in Salem for maybe a year or so while I work on some projects on the knob. I think that would be good for my soul. But anyway, I’m stoked on the monday session at Friksn tomorrow. I figured out my beta for the end of my yellow/black problem and feel like I can flash it tomorrow after a quick warmup. I’m also going to start a discussion about taking down some of the problems that are getting tired and putting up some new stuff.

Here’s the early summer schedule:
▫ 4/30 – 5/1: McAfee’s session with Roycus
▫ 5/1 – 5/4: NRG with Roycus, Dubose, and Antwan
▫ 5/8 – 5/11: possible recon mission to the Knob to clean some new problems
▫ 5/12 – 5/17: NRG w/ Friksn and then………….RENDEZVOUS.

see you there.


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