Justin’s birthday spanking

Justin’s birthday spanking…or atleast Mickenzie’s part. Don’t worry, soon after this Buck laced a good one on him right above his knee.

It was brutal.


head shaving for NRAC

Kenny Parker of Waterstone Outdoors getting all that hair of his shaved off. LOTS of $$$ was donated to the New River Alliance of Climbers.

videos coming soon.

Rendezvous videos will be posted soon, check them out!

Justin’s birthday spanking and Kenny Parker getting his head shaved.

so classic.

Friksn van sighting

Van spotted at McAfee’s Knob parking lot.

Cinco de Mayo 09

Sooo…NRG plans with Roy and crew were wrecked because of the rain, so I jumped into the Friksn van to roll up to the annual Cinco de Mayo party at Seneca Rocks. We got there late Friday night after battling a 6 and a half mile backup getting out of the Hampton Roads. Saturday was kinda gloomy, but no rain. Leo, Justin, and Scotty hiked up to the Seneca overlook and I stayed at the store to hang out with Chris Lindner and help taste test all the General’s roasted salsas. Allen G. sent his project and everyone was stoked. The party that afternoon/night was epic. Justin kept the margaritas flowing while I helped Kurt man the grill. Chris Lindner put on a captivating slideshow of his trip to Vietnam and lots of raffle prizes were given away. Sunday morning we had breakfast with everyone courtesy of Ack and Diane and then hit the road back to Norfolk to prepare for the Rendezvous.

Hope to see everyone there.